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Data Entry Outsourcing Service, RFPMart LLC Division

Data Entry Outsourcing Service , a division of RFPMart LLC (United States) and RFPMart Solutions Private Limited (India), is a successful business process outsourcing (BPO) firm that has been providing full scale offshore outsourcing services in the areas of Online & Offline Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Conversion, Data Research & Analytics for over 13 years. We have served over 1000 clients world-wide, including some Fortune 500 companies and had never lost a client due to performance. Our pride is in relation with our clients to help them obtain unique quality and long going efficiency gains. Because we consistently deliver superior results, all our clients are reference able.

Our vision is to apply talent management best practices from multinational companies to the BPO industry. The result is a uniquely open and results-oriented culture with attrition rates that are among the lowest in our industry. Our competitive differentiators enable a unique continuous improvement methodology that has led to a strong track record of success in meeting our clients’ performance metrics.

We have successfully executed numerous projects for overseas customers in a span of its progressive years. Our relationship with clients is based on honesty, evident hard and good work and total commitment to your needs. We are proud of our reputation, offering a friendly and flexible approach, which ensures long-term partnerships with clients.

Our facilities are strategically located in Ahmedabad, India (Ahmedabad is 300 miles North of Mumbai). Our access to highly skilled personnel translates into solutions that are both cost effective and of high quality thereby minimizing your total cost of ownership. It is this focus, on cost competitiveness and uncompromising quality, which is the driving force behind our work.

Other Ventures

SevenOutsource is one of the leading Offshore Outsourcing Company based in India, which provides quality services in the areas of Data Entry & Processing, Web Design & Development, Accounting & Booking and Digital Marketing & Branding.

RFPMart, a division of RFPMart LLC (United States) and RFPMart Solutions Private Limited (India) has been providing full scale procurement consulting & solutions services since 2009. RFPMart provides Government RFPs, Tenders, Solicitations, Bids, Contracts, RFQs, RFIs, RFTs and Procurement documents along with contact details. RFPMart is basically paid-search engine services for government procurements, RFPs, Bids, Solicitations and Tenders. RFPMart connects contractors, service providers, suppliers and Government Agency buyers. RFPMart is a pioneer in online government purchasing and e-government, and a leader in providing Government RFPs, Government Bids, Government RFQs, Government Solicitations and Government Contracts finder and notification services.

Quality Standards

We began the ISO initiative for process mapping in 2007 and we are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. As part of the ISO initiative we laid out institutionalization of Quality Management Systems (QMS), formal project management, review and control procedures, formal methods for software engineering practices and formal process change mechanism.

What it means for you?

Better project management leading to reduced incidence of time and cost overruns (cost savings upto 40% with faster time-to-market upto 70%).


We deliver a wide range of pioneering business process outsourcing services; such as Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Conversion, Web Research and Data Collection.

Data Entry

Accurate Data Entry Services assist to capitalize on business opportunities,smart technologies offer as unstructured & semi-structured data.

Data Processing

Data Processing is a review, analyse, prepare, process & capture your all raw data and process it analytically into useful framed information.

Data Conversion

Data Conversion is a convert any of your Data, File, Image into PDF, HTML, XML, Excel, Word or any other file format as per business needs.

Procurement Solutions & Services

Procurement is a process of seeking and approving to terms, and collecting goods, services, or works from an outward source, frequently through a tendering or competing bidding process.

Digital Marketing & Branding

Digital Marketing is a marketing of services or products through digital technologies, which is mostly on the internet and also inclusive of mobile phones, advertising & other digital intermediate.

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development is the work related in developing a website by using internet or intranet. We develop a unique fixed page to complicated web-based applications & networking services.





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