Document Processing Services

We understand that documents are an asset of the business and key feature for any company. When you have large number of documents generated on a daily basis then it is necessary to manage all of these documents and records to expands and holds.

The document processing services are required to keep or store the data for future reference and records. If you are focusing on core business then it is difficult to do the document management in house as it is requiring a resources, money and time.

Our company "Data Entry Outsourcing Service" will provide you a fair and affordable Data Entry, Data Conversion, Data Processing, Image Capture, Data Extraction and Bulk Scanning Services. We also operate machinery from industry experts such as OPEX.

We will offer you a global solution because document processing work is important and compulsory for numerous industries like legal, medical, corporate, real-estate, education, etc. that have lengthy paperwork and converted into a digital one.

Our document processing services are customized to meet each client’s unique requirements. The best part of outsourcing services is to take the access of professional experience without hiring them in house and can use their skills for your complex work.

We are equipped with the ability, agility and expertise to handle and support large-scale document conversion projects requiring quick turnarounds and high-quality services.

Document Processing Services We Offer:

  •    Document Conversion Processing
  •    Books Conversion Processing
  •    Catalog Conversion Processing
  •    Data Conversion (Word/PDF/XML/HTML) Processing
  •    Document Conversion Processing
  •    Survey Forms Processing
  •    Business Brochures
  •    Property Papers
  •    Medical Claims Processing
  •    Admission Forms Processing
  •    Research Reports
  •    Application Forms
  •    Legal Documentation
  •    E-Books Conversion Processing
  •    Paper to PDF/MS-word/HTML Conversion Processing
  •    PDF Conversion Processing
  •    Product catalogue Conversion Processing
  •    Word File Conversion Processing
  •    XML conversion Processing
  •    HTML – SGML conversion Processing
  •    From articles, magazines, books or other publications to various
  •    Add, remove or change record delimiters
  •    Convert raw data into Microsoft Office
  •    Text to PDF and PDF to Microsoft Word
  •    Data compilation in PDF from Several Sources
  •    From PageMaker to PDF
  •    From Microsoft Word to HTML
  •    From text to Word Perfect
  •    From Word Perfect to Microsoft Word
  •    Optical character recognition (OCR) scanning
  •    Optical mark recognition (OMR)
  •    Intelligent character recognition (ICR)
  •    File conversion (format specified)
  •    Web publishing

Industry Expertise:

We have served enterprises in Ecommerce / Retail, Real Estate, Consulting & Professional Services, ITES (Computer Software, Market Research and Data Analytics, etc.), Transportation & Logistics, BFSI, Healthcare; since 2006. It not only gives us the domain expertise and expertise, but also helped us in successfully partnering a few of the Fortune 500 companies and streamlining their online business data efficiently & accurately.

Why Choose Us for Document Processing Services:
   100% Reliable, Accurate and Error-Free Data Entry
   Quick Turnaround Time: On Time, Every Time
   Sizeable team to handle large volume
   Complete Data Security & Confidentiality
    Customized solutions addressing exclusive business requirements of different industry verticals.