Excel Conversion Services

Nowadays, Office work becomes more easier and quicker to before. Everything and everyone are now has gone digital. It is important to be always prepared with simple solutions like conversion. It is beneficial to know how to convert an uploaded file into excel spreadsheet clearly and easily.

We provide conversion services to several files and media formats, magazines, articles, newspapers, microfiche, OCR (Optical Character Recognition, OMR (Optical Mark Reading), XML (Extensible Markup Language), and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition).

We would like to offer a matchless option in conversion which are; PDF to Excel and PDF to Word Online, scanning image to excel. If you OPT (Optional Practical Training) for a simple procedure then you should have to use the Adobe Acrobat. You have to do is make your PDF files OCR recognizable, next is to choose the option OCR Text Recognition, then, you can simply save the file as tables in Excel. Furthermore, you might try writing a script that can run OCR document scanning and conversion by Visual Basic. This might be time consuming process but certainly worth the try. You can also try the manual data using an OCR Conversion and get ready with some issues that may occur during software and technology-based conversion so always perform a multiple level of checking to create superior quality and precision.

We understand your necessity, until you accept satisfying delivery of back office and offshore services such as Data Entry, Data Conversion, Data Processing and Bulky scanning etc. Our Company "Data Entry Outsourcing Service" have the expert staff, the resouces and the experience to deliver customised and effective pdf conversion services for your company.

Excel Conversion Services We Offer:

  •    Document conversion
  •    Books Conversion
  •    PDF Conversion
  •    Catalog Conversion
  •    Data Conversion (Word/PDF/XML/HTML)
  •    Document Conversion
  •    Product Catalog Conversion
  •    E-Books Conversion
  •    Paper to PDF/MS-word/HTML Conversion
  •    From articles, magazines, books or other publications to various formats
  •    Word File Conversion
  •    XML conversion
  •    HTML – SGML conversion
  •    Data from or to word processors
  •    Data from or to packaged applications
  •    Data from or to spreadsheets
  •    Data from or to custom software packages
  •    Add, remove or change record delimiters
  •    Convert raw data into Microsoft Office
  •    Text to PDF and PDF to Microsoft Word
  •    Data compilation in PDF from Several Sources
  •    Data to or from eBooks
  •    From PageMaker to PDF
  •    From text to Word Perfect
  •    From Word Perfect to Microsoft Word
  •    File conversion (format specified)
  •    Web publishing
  •    From Microsoft Word to HTML
  •    Optical character recognition (OCR) scanning
  •    Optical mark recognition (OMR)
  •    Intelligent character recognition (ICR)

To remotely access and input relevant data in your online database, ERP/CMS, etc., we use high-speed internet connections, firewalls and up-to-date antivirus software.

Industry Expertise:

We have served enterprises in Ecommerce / Retail, Real Estate, Consulting & Professional Services, ITES (Computer Software, Market Research and Data Analytics, etc.), Transportation & Logistics, BFSI, Healthcare; since 2006. It not only gives us the domain expertise and expertise, but also helped us in successfully partnering a few of the Fortune 500 companies and streamlining their online business data efficiently & accurately.

Why Choose Us for Excel Conversion Services:
   100% Reliable, Accurate and Error-Free Data Entry
   Quick Turnaround Time: On Time, Every Time
   Sizeable team to handle large volume
   Complete Data Security & Confidentiality
    Customized solutions addressing exclusive business requirements of different industry verticals.