SGML Conversion Services

SGML or Standard Generalized Markup Language accompany with an International Organization of Standards (ISO-standard) which is used for documents, Text and Office Systems. SGML is a language in itself used to specify another language which allows those using SGML to personalize markup languages for all types of documents. As SGML is broad, powerful and extremely complex, due to this it is able to offer alternative features that are not found using XML (Extensible Markup Language).

Nowadays, Information is one of the most valuable assets. Information is revenue and new utilization data becomes critical to revenue flow. If you are searching for a system and machine independent method of storing large amount of information then SGML conversion is the way to go. The facility of use and understanding has contributed to its growing popularity.

As websites are turning into web services, due to its contrast from a traditional static library, where pages are generated from data from a collection of sources. SGML conversion services are beneficial for publishers, law firms and for those who handle with compound content management systems. SGML conversion services are consumed mainly in creation, management and storage of data.

SGML Conversion Services We Offer:

  •    Text to SGML
  •    SGML to HTML
  •    SGML to DTD
  •    Database to SGML
  •    Raw Data to SGML
  •    DTD/Schema Design
  •    XSLT/XSL-FO Design
  •    Scanning, Data Analysis
  •    SGML to CD-ROM Publishing
  •    SGML to Pagination and Conversions
  •    SGML to Storage Media Publishing
  •    Implementing Software for SGML Processing
  •    SGML to HTML for Internet Publishing
  •    SGML to Books, Journals, Equations
  •    SGML to Image, Microfilm, Microfiche
  •    SGML to Excel Conversion Services
  •    SGML to Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias

Industry Expertise:

We have served enterprises in Ecommerce / Retail, Real Estate, Consulting & Professional Services, ITES (Computer Software, Market Research and Data Analytics, etc.), Transportation & Logistics, BFSI, Healthcare; since 2006. It not only gives us the domain expertise and expertise, but also helped us in successfully partnering a few of the Fortune 500 companies and streamlining their online business data efficiently & accurately.

Why Choose Us for SGML Conversion Services:
   100% Reliable, Accurate and Error-Free Data Entry
   Quick Turnaround Time: On Time, Every Time
   Sizeable team to handle large volume
   Complete Data Security & Confidentiality
    Customized solutions addressing exclusive business requirements of different industry verticals.