Image Conversion Services

As we all knows that the data perform an essential role in an origination while taking important decisions and making future investment plans. If you have data availability in paper or scanned image format then you can’t use it properly that means it is just a JUNK document for you or even a burden because you will have to manage it continuously put in a lot of time and money. But by the use of digitize paper documents or conversion of images to text file format, you can utilize the same data beneficially at time of making crucial management decisions.

At "Data Entry Outsourcing Service", Our company offers professionalism in image to text conversion services. Our experts can easily handle all kinds of image files and convert those image files into text. We are guaranteeing 0% data loss with the greatest authenticity during the conversion process. We utilize the latest OCR software technology or double-keying methodology for conversion services.

We facilitate images to text conversions services using OCR Clean up, OMR, ICR, Scanning from hard copies, Microfiche, Microfilms, Data Capture, PDF, Archiving, Digital imaging and many more. Once the process of data will be converted, company will provide output in lot of different format such as ASCII, Binary, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Database, HTML, Word.

Data conversion process contains conversion from variety of image file formats like,

Raster Formats:

  •    JPEG
  •    TIFF
  •    PNG
  •    GIF
  •    RAW
  •    PAM
  •    BMP

HDR Raster Formats:

  •    RGBE

Vector Formats:

  •    SVG
  •    CGM

Stereo Formats:

  •    PNS
  •    JPS

The Image to Text Conversion Services, We Allocate:

  •    Image to Word conversion
  •    Image to Excel conversion
  •    Image to TXT conversion
  •    Image to HTML/XHTML conversion
  •    Image to RTF conversion
  •    Image to Access conversion
  •    Image to XML conversion
  •    Image to Searchable PDF conversion
  •    Data entry into web-based application from scanned images

Image Conversion Services We Offer:

  •    Add, remove or change record delimiters
  •    Books Conversion
  •    Catalog Conversion
  •    Convert raw data into Microsoft Office
  •    Document conversion
  •    Data Conversion (Word/PDF/XML/HTML)
  •    Data from or to word processors
  •    Data from or to spreadsheets
  •    Data from or to packaged applications
  •    Data from or to custom software packages
  •    Data compilation in PDF from Several Sources
  •    Data to or from eBooks
  •    E-Books Conversion
  •    From articles, magazines, books or other publications to various formats
  •    From PageMaker to PDF
  •    From Microsoft Word to HTML
  •    From text to Word Perfect
  •    From Word Perfect to Microsoft Word
  •    File conversion (format specified)
  •    HTML – SGML conversion
  •    Intelligent character recognition (ICR)
  •    Optical character recognition (OCR) scanning
  •    Optical mark recognition (OMR)
  •    Paper to PDF/MS-word/HTML Conversion
  •    PDF Conversion
  •    Product Catalog Conversion
  •    Text to PDF and PDF to Microsoft Word
  •    Word File Conversion
  •    Web publishing
  •    XML conversion

Industry Expertise:

We have served enterprises in Ecommerce / Retail, Real Estate, Consulting & Professional Services, ITES (Computer Software, Market Research and Data Analytics, etc.), Transportation & Logistics, BFSI, Healthcare; since 2006. It not only gives us the domain expertise and expertise, but also helped us in successfully partnering a few of the Fortune 500 companies and streamlining their online business data efficiently & accurately.

Why Choose Us for Image Conversion Services We Offer:
   100% Reliable, Accurate and Error-Free Data Entry
   Quick Turnaround Time: On Time, Every Time
   Sizeable team to handle large volume
   Complete Data Security & Confidentiality
    Customized solutions addressing exclusive business requirements of different industry verticals.